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Snowray Terminology Service™

The Snowray Terminology Service offers high-quality terminology content management options. Maintaining intensional or extensional reference sets have never been so easy: Snowray comes with an intuitive web UI for teams to manage terminology artifacts and adds an integrated SNOMED CT browser with support for the most recent Expression Constraint Language. Snowray is powered by our cloud-based terminology server, Snow Owl, and is accessible from your web browser wherever you are.


Snow Owl® Terminology Server

Snow Owl is a highly scalable terminology server with revision-control capabilities and collaborative authoring features. It allows you to store, search and author high volumes of terminology artifacts quickly and efficiently, and via FHIR access you can even integrate Snow Owl with your existing infrastructure. The source code for SNOMED CT authoring and maintenance is available as open source.


Snow Owl® Authoring Platform

Snow Owl’s collaborative terminology authoring platform maintains terminology artifacts developed by a team and supported by business workflows. The platform consists of our terminology server with remote clients collaborating with independent authoring workflows. Looking for an integrated tool to manage SNOMED CT and other national standards like ICD-10, LOINC®, Local Code Systems, Value Sets and Mappings? Snow Owl is ready to support you along the way!


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Snowray Terminology Service™

Are you tired of navigating between millions of codes while what you really need is a well-defined set of concepts for your domain? Do you want to access your content from a web browser and share them with your teammates or publish them? Do you want to utilize the semantics of healthcare codes to ease the maintenance and improve the quality of your sets? Do you need a standard API to integrate with your other systems? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, the Snowray Terminology Service is just what you are looking for. Try it now for free!

  • Lightweight, easy to use workflow for teamwork
  • Semantic queries using standard languages
  • Built in terminology browser
  • FHIR API and REST API for integration

Snow Owl® Terminology Server

Our terminology server is used as the foundation for the Snow Owl Authoring Tool and the Snowray Terminology Service.

Clients can easily access and query SNOMED CT, LOINC®, ATC, ICD-10, and dozens of additional terminologies via standard FHIR, REST or Java APIs. Collaborative distributed authoring is also supported, including creating and maintaining your own local code systems, mapping between terminologies, and creating terminology subsets.

  • Distributed revision control system supports large teams of authors and reviewers working on independent branches.
  • Extensive support for expression constraints and semantic queries, including the most recent version of the SNOMED CT Expression Constraint Language.
  • Developer-friendly REST API, HL7 standard FHIR API and Native Java API are available
  • Traditional, white-label (embed within your product), and source code licenses available.
  • Standard distribution formats (e.g. SNOMED RF2) eliminate reliance on proprietary vendor formats.
  • Standard FHIR API allows easy integration with existing systems.

Snow Owl® Authoring Platform

Snow Owl is used around the world by governments, healthcare providers, private companies and academia and is ready to help you manage all of your healthcare terminologies within a single application. A configurable UI helps you focusing on what you need the most, while you can access an incredibly rich set of functionalities with a single click. Contact us to set up a demo, or see our extensive documentation or hours of video tutorials!

Some of our favorite features:

B2i Healthcare

Delivering success since 2005

We are a software engineering firm specialized in technical solutions that enable the development of SNOMED CT extensions and other healthcare terminology standards. We provide products to support SNOMED CT adoption and offer services to help with your healthcare IT needs.

Our solutions are deployed in over 3,000 locations in 84+ countries worldwide.

  • Experience

    B2i Healthcare has been working with terminology systems since 2005. Our product family is used by large, public sector organizations developing national or regional terminology products for use in Clinical Information Systems and secondary analytics, as well as private organizations and academia.

  • Expertise

    In the last 18 years we have worked with a number of international standards organizations and initiatives, and have been successful in supporting our customers in the adoption and use of these. We understand SNOMED CT and are actively involved in the development of the standard by delegating members to SNOMED CT Advisory Groups.

  • Solution for all needs

    Our customers range from individual terminology authors to large national deployments utilizing all of our tools and services. Whatever your use case is, we will have a solution tailored to your needs.

  • Multiple terminologies

    Although most of our customers use SNOMED CT as a reference terminology, they also rely on other standards such as LOINC®, ICD-10* (ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-AM, ICD-10-UK), ATC, OPCS-4, as well as a multitude of local code systems. Our solutions are designed to easily add additional terminologies to support these needs.

Some of Our Success Stories


National Health Service Digital

NHS Digital has migrated their entire terminology authoring platform to Snow Owl to manage and publish the SNOMED CT UK Edition, including a clinical and a drug extension, both significant in size.

The creation of intensional and extensional subsets, maps to additional terminologies and the maintenance of separate interdependent modules are fully managed by Snow Owl. A team of authors are working together in a collaborative authoring environment, utilizing the workflow capabilities of Snow Owl to share and distribute authoring tasks among each other.

Besides the authoring environment, NHS Digital is using our online browser and refset builder tool, Snowray.

Alberta Health Services

AHS, Canada uses Snow Owl to maintain their provincial extension of SNOMED CT. Besides SNOMED CT, a variety of Local Code Systems are maintained and published for downstream systems (Epic, IMO). Snow Owl is used for the creation of mappings between these code systems and also for curating localized versions of ICD-10 and CCI.

American Dental Association

The ADA manages their SNODENT Extension mappings using Snow Owl. Besides the maintenance of terminology maps between SNOMED CT and their local codes, they are exposing their extension to downstream customers using a custom-built web browser.

University of Nebraska Medical Centre

The UNMC builds extensions in the domain of Pathology, Laboratory Observables and Clinical Observables extending the international SNOMED CT concept model with additional attribute and concrete domain types. Their extensions are periodically published into Epic to support cancer research. The entire authoring process, including the extension of the Machine Readable Concept Model, the reasoning on an enhanced OWL profile and the publication to Epic are managed by the Snow Owl terminology authoring platform.

Integrated Health Information Systems

B2i Healthcare delivered complex terminology authoring solutions for IHiS in Singapore to support the authoring and the maintenance of the SNOMED CT Singapore Extension, and the generation, maintenance and publication of the SNOMED CT Singapore Drug Dictionary Extension. We provide a rich authoring environment that allows managing a number of terminologies, Local Code Systems, Value Sets and Mapping Sets in addition to SNOMED CT. The Singapore Drug Dictionary is published countrywide to healthcare institutions via our customized online terminology browser application.


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